Top 5 Foods That Contain Vitamin A

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is a key nutrient that is required for keeping your eyes healthy. also helps in bone growth, keeps your immune system strong, and fights diseases.

Read On To Find Out The Top 5 Foods That Contain Vitamin A

Carrots are an excellent food that contains vitamin A. One three-quarter cup of carrot juice contains around 1,700 mg of vitamin A and just 71 calories.

Sweet potatoes are tasty and packed with essential nutrients, such as vitamin A. Including one medium-sized sweet potato in your diet provides you nearly 450 percent of your daily vitamin A needs.

Spinach doesn’t have the bright color that other vitamin A-rich foods have, but just one cup of spinach contains nearly 573 milligrams of vitamin A with only 30 calories. You may add this leafy green to your salads or soup.

Turkey liver is one of the most vitamin A-dense foods around. A 100-gram serving of turkey liver contains a staggering 75333 IU of vitamin A, which is nearly 1507 percent of your daily needs.

Pumpkin is also loaded with vitamin A. Half cup of pumpkin offers you around 953 milligrams of vitamin A, and just 42 calories.


Collard greens are packed with vitamin A, containing nearly 490 milligrams of this vital nutrient in half a cup.


Kale is a delicious green vegetable that offers you a considerable amount of vitamin A. One cup of kale contains around 200 percent of your daily vitamin A needs.

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