Top 6 Vitamin B12 Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is a water soluble vitamin that is vital for the normal functioning of the body. One of the largest and most complex of the B-group of vitamins, Vitamin B12, is essential for the formation of red blood corpuscles, for maintaining healthy nervous system and for optimal brain function. Clams, tuna and beef are some of the best dietary sources of vitamin B12. To know more about the top food sources of vitamin B12 read on.

Here Are 6 Top Vitamin B12 Rich Foods


Clams are excellent source of vitamin B12 (98.9 ug per 100gms). Eating just one hundred grams of cooked clams provides almost 1648 percent of the Daily Value or DV of cobalamin or vitamin B12. Other shellfish like mussels and clams also yield appreciable amounts of this vital vitamin. Nutritional studies and detailed medical research indicates that adequate intake of vitamin B12 rich foods are vital for maintaining normal cell metabolism.


Tuna is a wonderful food source of B-group of vitamins, particularly vitamin B12. A one hundred gram serving of canned bluefin tuna yields almost 10.9 ug or 181 percent of the Daily Value or DV of vitamin B12. Consuming vitamin B12 rich tuna a couple of times a week aids in ensuring healthy brain function. Besides tuna, seafood like mackerel, salmon and herring are also impressive sources of vitamin B12.

Crab Meat

Delicious and versatile crabmeat is particularly rich in vitamin B12. Consuming just one hundred grams of healthy crab meat yields almost 3.3 ug or 55 percent of the Daily Value or DV of vitamin B12. Including vitamin B12 rich crab meat in your diet plan helps to keep your heart healthy and strong.


Beef supplies a good dose of vitamin B12, a water soluble vitamin (3.4 mcg per 100 gms). However, due to the high cholesterol levels in red meat, you should consume beef only once or twice a week. Foods high in vitamin B12 or cobalamin like beef, is highly essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Vegetarians can consume cheese to meet their daily requirement for vitamin B12. A one hundred gram serving of cheese helps to meet almost 13 percent of the Daily value for this B group vitamin. Feta, mozzarella, parmesan and Swiss cheese contain the highest amounts of vitamin B12. Consuming vitamin B12 and calcium rich foods products like cheese also aids in maintaining bone health.

Super foods like eggs contain appreciable amounts of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is mostly found in egg yolks. However, egg whites also yield a small percentage of cobalamin. A one hundred gramsĀ  of boiled eggs provides also 1.1 ug of vitamin B12. Regular intake of vitamin B12 and protein rich eggs is vital for the production of RBC or Red Blood Corpuscles.

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