Top 7 Breakfast Foods That Could Make You Fat

Breakfast is the important meal to start our daily routine. The foods we have for the breakfast show a greater impact on our health. Eating a healthy breakfast will also help keep several health issues such as diabetes, cholesterol etc. at bay. To fuel your body, you need to have a healthy breakfast and avoid unhealthy breakfast foods which could make you fat.

Here Is The List Of The Top 7 Breakfast Foods That Are Making You Fat:

Sugary Cereals:

Breakfast cereals contain fiber and could be a great way to keep you full for a longer period. However, you need to check out the labels. Flavored cereals, marshmallows etc. should not be preferred as they are coated with sugars and this could not be a healthy option. Sugary cereals contain lots of carbohydrates as well. Instead choose cereals containing high fiber and protein.

Bagels With Extra Cream:

Bagels contain around 500 calories of carbs. However, filling it up with extra cream/butter/ will enhance its calories. Also, it absolutely has no nutritional content in it. If you prefer having a bagel for your breakfast then go a whole grain one and fill it with fruits, hummus, or any homemade nut butter.

Packaged Pancakes:

Packaged pancakes contain lots of preservatives and flavors that are not considered good for the health. Also, they come along with artificial maple syrups prepared using high fructose sugar syrups. This sweetener is extracted from the corn and is used in the packaged and processed foods. This breakfast food is not a healthy option to go for and, in the long run, it can even lead to diabetes and cancer.

Premixed Oats:

Oats are a great way to start your day. It contains a healthy dose of fiber and offers a wide range of health benefits as well. However, premixed oats are not a healthier choice as they contain preservatives, less fiber, lots of sugar, and even the grain is more processed. Instead prepare using plain oats and add lots of nuts and fruits to it. You may even spice it up by adding a pinch of powder.

Flavored :

Yogurt is, in fact, a healthy option for your breakfast. However, we find several flavored yogurt varieties available in the market. All these flavored yogurt varieties contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Instead include low-fat plain yogurt as it is an excellent source of probiotics, calcium, and proteins. Having a plain yogurt fruit salad will keep you full for a longer time and promote healthy digestion. In contrast, the flavored ones contain lots of sugar syrup with little fruit content.

Processed Meat:

It contains fats and even has starchy carbohydrates. The fats present in the bacon, sausages, or ham will increase your insulin leaves. Hence, you should not include it for your breakfast, be it a low-carb variety or not. It might even increase the risks of developing cancer. Better prefer egg whites and pastured .

Donuts, Pastries:

Pastries, donuts, danishes are made using refined flour and lots of sugar. Having breakfast that is rich in sugar is not good for the health as it increases the blood sugar levels. It will make you feel hungry sooner. Having such breakfast foods will even increase the chances of diabetes, obesity and, in the long run, it can even lead to cancer.

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