What Is HCG Diet And 9 Foods To Include In HCG Diet

HCG diet is generally a very extreme diet which includes injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is abbreviated as HCG. It is a hormone that women makes during pregnancy. This HCG diet are notoriously strict and many a times quite boring and is confined to the limited number of foods. The HCG diet is particularly associated with weight loss around one pound per day. This diet also includes some rules such as it allows only a vegetable per every meal, no usage of oil, hygiene products or body lotions and no performing of any kind of exercise. But there ARE certain foods which can likely be eaten and lose weight during HCG diet plans.

Here Are 9 Foods That Can Be Included In HCG Diet:

Green Beans

Here we have alternative option like green beans. Consuming fresh green beans directly from the garden does not impact weight loss as it is packed with its flavor. Salt can be added and consumed with it but avoid butter. High presence of salt might result in more water retention.

The luscious fruit is the perfect cheat in HCG diet. Watermelon has high water content and low presence of sugar. Many experts allow unlimited consumption of watermelon, but this is quite hard. It can act as perfect dessert in case on the day of dieting.

Mixed Vegetables

Maximum number of doctors does not allow the mixing of certain vegetables. As per rule, only one veggie can be consumed for the meal. Yet certain HCG dieters does not find any trouble while mixing certain veggies. So, it can be consumed. , peas, corns, along with potatoes are loaded completely with starch. Hence, it should be consumed carefully.


Doctors doesn’t allow the consumption of this white meat. But, as per the foods on the list of dieters, this one is just totally fine in eating along with other foods on the list and must be given a try. Mostly it might be probably consumed in moderate quantity in the meal along with little or no fats, but can be better if it’s avoided.

Whole Wheat

By choosing a flavored, whole wheat cracker may actually result a better food as it helps in addition of fiber in the diet. Make sure to consume a brand along with a portion size containing the same calorie.


The limited consumption of protein can actually be boring at times when following a HCG diet. Doctors allow eating cottage cheese especially for the vegetarians that are on HCG diet. Consume a fat free food and eat along with protein serving food.

Healthy Drinks

Healthy drinks should be consumed when following a HCG diet. This includes drinks such as , coffee as these have very low fat content and further helps in loss of weight for a person following a strict HCG diet.


With presence of many protein sources, it must not be very hard to be away from the legumes for certain weeks. Eating meat along with other protein source, which have high fat content, helps to gain more protein in the body. Foods such as chicken breast, lean ground beef, fish (white) etc. are helpful. Many fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, eel and herring must not be on the HCG grocery list.

Lemon, Strawberries, Oranges

Certain fruits such as lemons, strawberries, oranges, apples and grapefruits are a healthy source of diet for an individual. These fruits have high water and low sugar content in them. It can be consumed anytime and anywhere. Eat these fruits with total caution or it is better to avoid them totally.

Doctors believe that the presence of fats as well as oils in lotion is absorbed by the skin and result in gain in the weight of a person taking the course of HCG diet. However, many people found that the use of lotion does not cause any trouble. It must be used by people having a dry skin.

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